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New compact pallet truck with electric lift

The lastest news!! 


T20-12EZ is our new success. It is a compact and fast electric pallet truck with electrical liftning and manual lowering function. Maintenance-free and removable 20Ah lithium battery provide minimum 3 hours effective use. 



Read more about T20-12EZ in the product category Powered Pallet Trucks. 



Affordable powder coated shelf

Perfect for garages, warehouses, workshops and industries.

Flexible and very affordable shelf in powder coated steel and shelves made of wood. Suitable for garage, workshop and warehouse. The shelves are adjustable in height with 40 mm intervals. Easy to install - no screws!



New electric stacker

ES12-1650i with initial lift och free lift 1480 mm is our latest product newsamong our electric stackers.

Compact and manoeuvrable pedestrian stacker with initial lift for handling two pallets simultaneously or driving on uneven surfaces. Mono mast gives good visibility when driving. Excellent stacker for smaller warehouses or stores.


Product videos

As a part of our product presentation strategy, we've made product videos of our most popular products within our electric range (order pickers, powered pallet trucks and electric stackers). These videos are visible on the product pages (eg. ES10-1600) and published on our Youtube channel Silverstone Material Handling


Two new series of stackers

The EMS series consists of three electric stackers with lifting height 1600-3500 mm. Read more about these in product category Electric Stackers.

The EB series includes three manual stackers with lifting height 1600-3000 mm. Find these in product category Manual Stackers